ये शेर ज़रा क्यूट है


Unknown said...

Very funny. Nice click sir ji.

Rashmi R said...

Yeh sher thoda dara hua lag raha hai.. bhigi billi jaisa!

Rajat Jaggi said...

dekhte sabhi hai lekin comment koi koi karta hai :p

Unknown said...

hello sir, I watch ur program and appreciate ur efforts. I watched ur program about the village in UP with Yadav predominant voters. I was only wondering if u could ask the voters - the en-bloc voters like the Yadav's in this village - and i think u made an effort - im only trying to understand - U rightly pointed out that the system being partisan - small community of people feel differentiated and therefore they stick to one party - but this party in power has - 1. role to play in national politics and therefore policies- which they influence
2. by keeping the system partisan - these same political parties keep the system partisan and therefore the community suffers the brunt and they are then forced to look up to the same party which is keeping the system partisan - similar to muslim voters who prefer the congress - and congress has done very little in terms of empowerment for the muslims but explioted their vote to stay in power and make policies
3. these communities of en-bloc voters r wooed by a laptop or an ambulance even - but is that enough?

The UPSC or any such govt jobs are too few in number - and that should not decide the loyalties of these voters to any one party

Unfortunately youngsters carry the same views- like u pointed out they had no reason to play the victim card - everyone in india is a victim of the system

the en-bloc voters in any community need to rise above the immediate community needs - and think of the national interests

Akin to the "Butterfly Effect".

sorry sir bahut lamba hogaya haha

good day to you