चंद्रभान प्रसाद का जाति पर जवाब

There are some people- some times majority of them, who will question you.But,we ought to take a humanitarian view and sympathize with them.The Caste arrogance can some time be without any motives as the caste regulated person may not be doing things as per any plan.It is often a socio-psychosomatic problem where sense of the caste superiority gets into the very Central Nervous System CNS].For instance,there may be dinner party where guests are relishing goat meat,but all of a sudden,news breaks that the meat supplier had served dog-meat.Many guests can immediately develop nausea and start omitting all over.But,as a matter of fact,the meat was of goat and that of dog. How do we explain this? There was no problem with the meat,the
problem was with an idea- that of dog meat. It was that idea which disturbed the Physiological condition of the guests as for ages our CNS has stored the idea
of rejecting dog meat.

Likewise, those who hate Dalits may not be actually anti-Dalit as they are victims of the age long caste system where Dalits are seen in a certain way.

So, instead of developing any negative feeling about such people, we ought to sympathize with them, and offer Dalit Therapy as the remidy.

chandra bhan prasad

May 3, 2008 8:45 PM


Rajesh Roshan said...

Nice to read but i have a question. Is there ANYHING which is not regulated with CNS? I dont think so. Each and every person has a logic, i agree someone has wrong and someone has right. And realy i am not convinced with this logic. I hate the word Dalit. Can u let me know What is meaning of Dalit and where it evloves??? Must be it was created by forward caste man.

JC said...

Most of the ‘Hindus’ today unfortunately don’t know the representative of Vshnu the sudershan-chakra dhari (Lord of teh Rings Saturn related with nerves in the human body), ‘Krishna’ the super gravity ‘Black Hole’ (for the scientists today) located at the centre of our ‘Milky Way Galaxy’. It revolves like a centrifuge (‘mathani’) in which ‘creamy layer’ is separated from milk, which moves upwards and outwards, leaving behind ‘chhachh’ or ‘mattha’ - symbolically the ‘dalit’! Or ‘Ma Kali’ in the’heart of Shiva, that is, the destructive force in the form of lava at the core of earth, symbolically represented by a female figure that has a Red Tongue that represents the Red flame/ lava out of the crater or mouth of an active volcano! But, we do visit Jwala Devi Temple ritually like a ‘foreigner’ in our own land – due to lack of knowledge (In the words of Krishna in the Gita)!

Unknown said...

I definitely agree with the original post by C. B. Prasad regarding therapy for the people who are anti Dalit or believe in their caste being superior to other castes. We are taught from the day we are born that our caste is superior/inferior to other castes and that stays in our brain. It's like our society/parents brain washing a kid for 18 - 21 years and implanting this caste idiology in our mind. I don't see this any different from Al-Quida brain washing kids in western pakistan so that they would believe in Jihad and blow themself up.

That was my 2 cents on this subject. Good to read your post Ravish.

Unknown said...

This drama is going to be closed. I don't think much anti dalit has been written on both the posts. If someone is trying to correct you then you are labeling others anti dalit and crying for sympathy. Sometimes we write a lot of correct things ( for example dalit vs anti dalit) but it should match with context. C. B. Prasad comment does not co-relate to any such thing. May be he was imagining something in some other context and put it here or the previous post of Ravishji. Somehow I felt this post of C B is out of context. He should have kept the example (which he read somewhere) for better occasions.

JC said...

Kahavat hai, “Kala akshar bhins barabar,” aur “(Kali) Bhains ke samne been bajana,” jo ishara karta hai (Kale) Cobra ke samne been bajane se uska sanpere ke samne nachna.
Yogi ‘Kundalini jagane” ki salah dete hain, aur Yogiraja Krishna (Kala) bhi Kalia nag ke phan per nach Yamuna ko akele hi pradushan-mukta kar diye the – kintu Dwaper Yuga mein!
Ravishji, kya Kaliyuga mein yeh sambhav hai? Lagta hai ki jaise Gita mein kaha gaya hai ise Krishna per hi chhordna hoga!!!

JC said...

In mundane terms, before coming to CNS (the Central, and also Sympathetic, Nervous Systems), skeleton, muscles, blood vessels, heart, brain etc., the different vital organs of human body, first of all ‘we’ need to explain who ‘we’, the apparent leaders of animal world as a race, in reality are – although as an individual ‘we’ might even be scared of a rat, or even a cockroach!

I don't know if it comes under the purview of patrakar or not...